ASK & ATLAS Partnership – Donation Opportunity!

ATLAS ASK Partnership

We have recently partnered with an Arizona local non-profit called ASK. The work they do is incredibly important and leads to better education for kids not only in Arizona, but across the country.

Many children and families do not have access to quality education whether that is because of income, location, etc. ASK uses donations to provide scholarships to kids which allow them to attend private schools and receive the education they deserve.

We (ATLAS and ASK together) are passionate about education and believe that every child deserves the best education available. It is ASK’s mission to bridge the education and make sure every child receives the highest quality of education possible. With your help and donations, we can provide more and more children this opportunity!

This week (week of January 20th) is National School Choice Week. To read more about this and reasons why school choice is important right now, check out this article.


Who is ASK?

America’s Scholarship Konnection Inc “ASK” is a state licensed School Tuition Organization in several states that offer tax credits to Corporations and Individuals who donate to our organization.

ASK is Licensed and Authorized by the state to grant dollar for dollar tax credits to Donating Corporations.

ASK then uses these funds to grant scholarships to students in K-12 private education at the school of their choice.


The Details

In the US, approximately 31 states have programs that allow parents to participate in scholarship options for their children to attend private schools.

Funding for these programs is provided a state tax credit.

ASK programs require participation from corporations that are domiciled in that state.

They rely on those corporations and individuals to donate the funds for the success of the programs.

Each donation is received by ASK’s state licensed non-profit organization.


How it Works

If you’d like to make an Individual Donation, visit

The form is simple and easy to fill out! You are also able to recommend a specific student to receive the donation/scholarship.

You can also find links to Corporate Donations by state AND apply for a scholarship on the ASK website.


Success Stories

See below for stories from scholarship recipients, both a student and a family!

For many years of struggling to afford private tuition, my husband and I sat down with our accountant to fully understand the benefits of the state tax credit. We researched many organizations and decided to work with ASK Scholarships. With the gracious help from ASK Scholarships, we would never have been able to continue to afford to keep our three children in private schools. They have also been very helpful in understanding the benefits and has answered all the questions that we had. ASK has the solutions you are looking for and the tools to assist you, our family stands behind ASK Scholarships.

  • Alycia (Parent of ASK Scholarship Recipients)


My parents chose to work with America’s Scholarship Konnection and through that, I was afforded the opportunity to go to private school. This gave me the ability to receive one of the highest levels of undergrad educations in all of Arizona. The teachers, coaches and faculty at this school taught me lessons that I will definitely carry and pass on my while life, not to mention, the lifelong relationships that I will always have because of ASK giving me this experience with this school.

Having the chance to not only make it, but to thrive with this opportunity has been, personally, extremely rewarding to me. In conjunction with club and due to the awesome level of leadership and coaching that I received at my school, I was fortunate enough to be offered a full 4 year scholarship in volleyball to a premier PAC 12 university once I graduate. I am so excited about my next chapter and am so thankful that I was given this opportunity to thrive!

 Thank you everyone at ASK for enriching my life and my family’s life I this way!!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Reagan (ASK Scholarship Recipient)


More Information

We at ATLAS are more than happy to sit down with you and discuss how your family might benefit from ASK or how donating works. Please give us a call at the location you work with to discuss further. Find our locations and contact information for each here.

For more information you can reach ASK by email at and by phone at (866) 622-4275. For additional information, you can also visit their website at