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The Business Journey Webinar Series: Marketing & Sales (Part Four)

  • June 26, 2019
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Join us for Part 4 of The Business Journey Series: Marketing & Sales on Wednesday, June 26. We will discuss Marketing & Sales and how important and pertinent they are throughout the life of your business. Throughout this series, we will use one business and business owner as the example in each part of The Business Journey. For information on the business being used as the example, read on below!

Be sure to check out upcoming topics in The Business Series on our events page, here!

What is The Business Journey Series?

We have created this Business Journey webinar series because we see an educational need! Many businesses, whatever stage they may be, are constantly changing and evolving. We want to address current trends in different areas of business as well as common (and uncommon but notable) struggles. Our Advisors will give advice and applicable practices to turn those struggles into successes.

Each month will cover a new area of business!

Be sure to check out upcoming topics in The Business Series on our events page, here!

The Business Journey Series Example:

Our business example throughout The Business Journey Series will be Ideal Harvest. Ideal Harvest has experienced struggles and successes that we believe will apply to several businesses across several industries. Several of our Advisors have worked with this business and are excited to discuss their specific journey as well as general journey struggles and successes that will apply to you.

What You Will Get:

Although we are using a business example, we will also address general and other specific Marketing & Sales decisions/scenarios that will apply to you! In addition, if you have a question or an issue that was not addressed, contact information will be provided to either schedule a meeting or address over email.

Details: An email with the webinar link as well as any needed materials for the presentation will be sent the morning of the webinar (Wednesday, June 26).

Next Up!

Can’t make it to this webinar? No worries! Every recording will be posted on our blog within a week after the webinar. However, attendees to the live webinar will receive some material that you won’t receive on the recording!

Don’t miss the next webinar either! What is the next topic you ask? Next up, we will cover Insurance & Risk Management and the things you may not know you should have set up! Sign up for The Business Journey: Insurance & Risk Management coming soon!

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