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5020 E. Shea Blvd., Suite #200
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Phone: (480) 483-1600
Fax: (480) 483-1770

Phone: (480) 483-1600

When it comes to tax and accounting, there are a lot of choices out there- everything from people in costumes waving signs on the street corner to large international corporations. At ATLAS, we've built what we think is the best of both worlds: the personal attention and service of a smaller firm combined with the expertise of a team of veteran CPAs with over 170 years of combined experience. The result? Personalized tax and accounting solutions that help our clients maximize their income and reduce tax.

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Loni Woodley, CPA, ABV, CFF
License Number: 17371 (AZ), 29720 (CO)
Nitin Gupta, CPA
License Number: 14293 (AZ)
Eric Reinemer, CPA, CBI
License Number: 12477 (CO)
Ken Kolek
Brendan Kennedy
License Number: AZ-4799-E (AZ)
Brooke Greve
License Number: 110073 (TX)
Gautam Gupta, CPA
License Number: AZ-17982E (AZ)
Kelly Kleven, CPA
License Number: 29559 (CO)
Kelli Berardi
License Number: 17938-E (AZ)
Tom Frazier, CPA
License Number: 6677 (AZ)


Kelli Berardi, CPA - Partner
Contact: (480) 483-1600, Ext. 145

Joseph Morton - Partner/Manager
Contact: (480) 483-1600 Ext. 231

John Eck - Partner/Manager
Contact: (480) 483-1600

Gabby Howard - Marketing Manager
Contact: (480) 483-1600 Ext. 247

John Howard - Operations Manager
Contact: (480) 483-1600 Ext. 238

Ryan Briouig - Senior Staff Accountant
Contact: (480) 483-1600 Ext 235

Carlo Medina  - Manager
Contact: (480) 483-1600 Ext. 248

Tracey Mason - Office Manager
Contact: (480) 483-1600

Barbara Ross - Staff Accountant
Contact: (480) 483-1600

Eric Klein - Senior Accountant
Contact: (480) 483-1600

Maryella Pierce - Senior Accountant
Contact: (480) 483-1600

Tammy Jacobs - Staff Accountant
Contact: (480) 483-1600