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Business Transition
Mergers & Aquisitions

If you are ready to sell your company, and your company is ready take to market, we are prepared to help you. Through our affiliate, Capital Advisors, LLC, we apply our technical skills toward structuring your sale, in order to maximize your sales price and net after-tax return.

Locating Your Best Qualified Buyer: If you and your business are ready, we will list your business and work with you to take the right steps to attract your best Qualified Buyer. We use an extensive network to nationally market your business to individuals and businesses who want your business.


We manage confidentiality and pre-qualify interested parties before disclosing any details about your business.

Structuring The Sale

We will provide initial structuring suggestions and work with your tax and legal counsel to make sure it best meets your tax and financial objectives. Of course, the structuring is one of the negotiable elements in the transaction, and we will represent your best interests and keep you informed of the net tax effects of any structuring changes.


We provide smaller businesses with an analysis of value to help the owners decide on an offering price. For larger businesses, we perform a valuation that encompasses a thorough examination of the company and the current market for similar businesses.


We will exclusively represent you in your business sale. We provide buyers the information they need for their own due diligence We work with the closing attorney to prepare the closing documents. You and your counsel will have the opportunity to review all the documents well before the closing.

Not ready to sell? We will work with you to get ready. We know what you should do to increase your business value. If you have the time and energy to work toward this end, it can be very profitable for you.

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