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Forensic & Financial Services

Should the need arise, it’s important to have a financial service provider that understands and can deliver results to meet your forensic, litigation, valuation and bankruptcy needs. At the core of the ATLAS Forensic and Financial Services Group practice is a team of professionals with diverse experience at national and regional accounting and valuation firms, law enforcement agencies and the IRS.

Our specialists are regularly called upon to assist in pre-trial matters, arbitration, mediation, settlement negotiations and court proceedings. Regardless of your needs, the ATLAS Forensic and Financial Services Team stands ready to provide you with the highest caliber expertise and service in the following disciplines:

  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony. We offer a full spectrum of commercial and civil litigation support services ranging from the discovery and analysis of information to the rendering of expert testimony.
  • Valuation Advisory. We offer comprehensive and objective business, equipment, real estate and capital asset valuation services ranging from the valuation of business ownership interest to the valuation of intangible assets and more.
  • Forensic and Investigative Accounting. We offer substantial experience in a multitude of forensic and fraud-related matters ranging from fraud detection and prevention to tracing of hidden income and assets.
  • Corporate Recovery, Bankruptcy Services and Creditors’ We provide thorough analysis to identify the optimal solutions for all parties-in-interest ranging from turnaround and restructuring advise to the full range of bankruptcy support and trustee services.